One-Block Wonder Workshop with Linda Bardes

One-Block Wonder – Linda A. Bardes

Workshop. Three sessions during the week of June 21 (two pre-recorded, and one live, which will be recorded); Live session: Saturday, June 26, 1 PM Eastern US  (entire class will be available until July 5); $35

A One Block Wonder quilt is the result of a process not a pattern.  The basic quilt is made from one fabric, although these days more and more people are mixing fabrics and incorporating panels. If 10 people use the same fabric there will be 10 totally different and beautiful quilts! So then, if you are new to quilting or do not have much of a stash, this process is tailor made for you. 

In this series of 3 classes the focus will be on basic process and many shortcuts and more efficient ways to create the finished quilt.  The first two classes will be prerecorded but the third one will be a live class to accommodate questions.

Throughout the classes she will show quilts, some hers, some from others, to inspire you in your own OBW journey, The first class will be about choosing fabric and how to cut and begin sewing the blocks together. In the second class she will help you begin the layout, or design process, then show you how to sew the blocks into strips . During final class she will show how to sew the strips together and talk about borders and how they can inspire the completed quilt.  There will be opportunities all through this live class to ask questions.

Linda has sewn most of her life starting with an apron in Home Economics. then clothes for herself and later for her family. She made drapes and purses and a variety of anything that could be put through a sewing maching.  Except quilts! She ways, ‘I wasn’t in the least interested in what was considered a traditional quilt or even the new modern ones. So I stayed with other little projects.’ Then in  2014 she stumbled on Bruce Seeds and Nancy Zieman discussing One Block Wonders.  She was hooked.

After she sewed that first OBW she looked for an OBW group on Facebook but did not find one. So she created the One Block Wonder Quilt Forum.  Within a year there were more than 3,000 members; it had grown to 5,8000 members a half a year after that, and now there are over 27,000 members! She no longer administers the group. Two years ago she passed that responsibility to Kathy Gannon who has led the group to become one of the best and finest quilting groups on social media.

She is the co-author of  the book, One Block Wonders Around the World, with Maxine Rosenthal, author of the original One Block Wonder books.


One-Block Wonder