It's a Crummy Life or The Art of Scrapology

How to Use All Your Scraps Including the Squeal!

Taught by Linda Bardes, Scrapologist, Instructor and former teacher of the One Block Wonder Series

This is a 3-part prerecorded class available mid-October 2022 (you will be emailed once it’s available)

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Both the series and the bonus class will be available for 60 days so you can work at your own pace.

Your adventure in scrapology begins with the sorting stage. This is the FREE class that makes it easier to actually use those scraps you have been saving and it is open to everyone. I will show you several ways to sort, including the paper bag method. Once you have them sorted you will be ready to participate in the main course. This prequel will run about 30 minutes.

The main classes are between 1 hr and 1 1/2 hour long. You can watch the classes whenever you want and can binge them, stop and start, rewind, etc. at your own pace. All three classes will be rich with ideas, techniques and experiments. I will give you homework where you can play and create. You will never look at scraps in the same way again. 

The root word of Scrapology–ology–means a branch of knowledge. For us that branch of knowledge deals with left over fabric remnants. Or what we call threads, crumbs, scraps, and orphan blocks. Through observation and experimentation we cut, sew, and combine to produce new and exciting works of art. Some of this is science . . . most of it is inspiration!

The classes are basically an overview of dozens of ideas using crumbs, scraps, leftovers and even smaller pieces I call the squeal. It is not intended to focus on one way of using scraps. I have explored the Internet, books, pictures, etc. to bring you a variety of different techniques to ensure that you find several methods you will want to pursue in your own way. We are not about copying. We are about being inspired. Besides, all our fabric will be different with totally unique results anyway.

I will show you the yardage I made to be fashioned into a coat. And demonstrate the basic method.  (A separate class showing how I morphed the fabric into a coat will be offered in an additional class later this fall. )

The crumb quilt at the top of this introduction is more of an art statement than a quilt and it started my adventure into Scrapology, or the magic of mixing scraps. I will show and tell you how I did this.

On the left below is a picture of a leftover block that I completely made unrecognizable by adding lots of scraps. The teacups are made from fabric created from scraps using a pattern by Emily Taylor. 

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Crummy Life

About the Instructor

Linda Bardes sewed clothes off and on most of her life.  She discovered One Block Wonder quilts about 8 years ago and that began a love of quilting. She started a Facebook group, The One Block Wonder Quilt Forum, that is now almost 32,000 strong. In 2017 she  co-authored the book, One Block Wonders Around the World, with Maxine Rosenthal. In 2021, she taught a series on One Block Wonders for the International Quilters’ Guild; It was the most popular class of the year.

Creating OBW’s only started her quilting career. She now sews scrappy quilts, crumb quilts, and other quilts using so many of the bright and colorful fabric on the market today, especially the Kaffe Fassett Collective. She does not feel limited to what she can do with fabric and fiber and is in the process of creating a totally new adventure with sculpture, and innovative pieces and processes, of which she does not yet know!