What Needle Should I Use? SCHMETZ Sewing Machine Needles

Confused about what needle to use? What do all those numbers mean on the needle package? Is changing the needle really important before it breaks? What needle should I use?  

Successful sewing is often about paying attention to the little things – like the needle in your sewing machine. Get the low-down about how this little piece of steel can solve some very BIG problems, including broken threads, skipped stitches and puckered fabrics. 

Your sewing machine is an investment and protection begins by using the very best needle. Sew SCHMETZ!

This presentation will take place via Zoom at 7PM Eastern US time on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, and will last about an hour. (What time is that in my timezone?) Reminders will be sent the day of the presentation. There is no cost for the presentation. Those who join us live will have a chance to win some Schmetz needles! 

Presenter:  Rhonda Pierce, Spokesperson, SCHMETZneedles North America & Vice President, Euro-notions

Rhonda Pierce has a dream job. . . teaching sewing enthusiasts about the most important 2” piece of steel in the sewing machine – the SCHMETZ needle. During Rhonda’s classes students respond with “a ha” moments and giggles as they learn needle facts. Until 2020 Rhonda enjoyed sharing needle knowledge in classrooms and sewing shows throughout North America. She traveled with the SCHMETZ “Super” Needle – it’s 17” tall. During the pandemic Rhonda’s SCHMETZ classes went virtual to rave reviews from consumers, guilds, and retailers. She gave 100+ SCHMETZ virtual classes in 2021. In class she enjoys asking “What’s Your Favorite SCHMETZ Needle?”

Rhonda is delighted with the ingenuity and remarkable creations that sewing enthusiasts share. She publishes the Constant Contact All Star Winner SCHMETZ monthly newsletter. She recently celebrated publication of the 100th and final issue of the inspirational e-zine, SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW. She is a certificated FitNice System Instructor and holds a Brendon Burchard High Performance Certificate. Her quilt, Color Splash, was displayed at three International Quilt Festivals. Rhonda’s personal blog documenting sewing & quilt projects is www.SewMoreStitches.com.

With quilt shop, wholesale distributor management experience, and the love of sewing, Rhonda delivers a unique perspective as VP Marketing Director of Euro-notions, and Spokesperson for SCHMETZneedles.com North America.