Scrapology: Sorting Scraps Sign up

Your adventure in scrapology begins with the sorting stage. This is a FREE class that makes it easier to actually use those scraps you have been saving and it is open to everyone. I will show you several ways to sort, including the paper bag method. Once you have them sorted you will be ready to participate in the main course (It’s a Crummy Life). This prequel will run about 30 minutes.

You will receive an email on October 3 with information about how to access this free class. 

About the Instructor

Linda Bardes sewed clothes off and on most of her life.  She discovered One Block Wonder quilts about 8 years ago and that began a love of quilting. She started a Facebook group, The One Block Wonder Quilt Forum, that is now almost 32,000 strong. In 2017 she  co-authored the book, One Block Wonders Around the World, with Maxine Rosenthal. In 2021, she taught a series on One Block Wonders for the International Quilters’ Guild; It was the most popular class of the year.

Creating OBW’s only started her quilting career. She now sews scrappy quilts, crumb quilts, and other quilts using so many of the bright and colorful fabric on the market today, especially the Kaffe Fassett Collective. She does not feel limited to what she can do with fabric and fiber and is in the process of creating a totally new adventure with sculpture, and innovative pieces and processes, of which she does not yet know!